Free Pumpkin Patterns!

Starting in 2000, and most years following, I've created a special pumpkin pattern for my daughter. This site allows us to share our free Halloween pumpkin patterns with you.

My daughter has grown up having the coolest pumpkin patterns on the block. These patterns go way further than you're typical, triangle eye Jack-O'-Lanterns. With these awesome patterns you are sure to wow and amaze any trick or treater stopping by!

As a family we welcome the opportunity to share these free Halloween pumpkin patterns so that they appear all over the world. We hope that you find one here that you and your family enjoy carving for years to come.

Come back each year to see what new and exciting patterns we have added to your collection!

From Simple to Complex

Some of these patterns can be a tiny bit difficult and small kids will require adult supervision. An adult should be present at all times because these patterns require the use of sharp saws and pokers. Some patterns, like Haunter are the perfect first pattern for adventurous kids.

We have carved every single one of these beautiful Halloween pumpkin patterns. We know they all work great and look amazing sitting on our porch for Halloween. They require basic carving skills, a steady hand, and pumpkin carving tools such that can be found at

About the artist

pictureMike Reed
Each Halloween season, Mike creates and shares his personal pumpkin patterns with the world. He searches Google Images and elsewhere for the coolest images he can find, and then painstakingly redraws them as a pumpkin pattern.

He has to keep in mind that all parts must connect, as no part can simply float in the pattern, they must all connect somewhere. Every piece must be supported by enough pumpkin not to break.

Try to create a pumpkin pattern sometime and you'll find it is a lot harder than you think. It typically takes most of a day, or even a couple of days, to make a single pattern and refine it to the point that it is ready for use.

Want to learn more about Mike?

Learn more about Mike by visiting his personal company website.

Benchmark Solutions LLC

Make a Scary Face

My daughter told me she wanted something unique for our pumpkin pattern in 2011. She wanted a really scary face, something to terrify the trick-or-treators! I started with a cool looking dragon, then added my own flair. It worked out perfectly! 

Get "Out of Darkness"

Dragons Are So Cool

How can you go wrong with another dragon? This was my daughter's first year to do the carving, so I needed the pattern to be very cool. This time I focused on the head alone so it would be both intimidating and very in your face!

Get "Dragon Head"

Our Norwegian Elkhound

We love our dog! And what better way to show our love than let him model for our pumpkin pattern? I took the standard wolf howling pose and adjusted it so our Norwegian Elkhound was in the spotlight. We had our dog reach for a snack and I snapped a bunch of pictures, finding the best one and used it to make the pattern of our dog Koda!.

Get "Elkhound Howl"

It's a Family Affair

Each year my patterns are inspired by my daughter. She asks for what she wants, I say no a lot, and then we find the perfect picture to use together. Thank you Google Images!

A big part of every carving is the pumpkins themselves, and we shop far and wide to picks out excellent ones every year! We then clean and ready them for carving. We then carve the patterns the night before, or even sometimes the night of Halloween.

I may be responsible for the pattern creation and maintenance of the website, but this is truly a family affair. We all have important jobs to do if we want to maintain our reputation of having the best pumpkins in the neighborhood. Every year, Trick-Or-Treat visitors come by just to see our latest creation, and they never go away disappointed.

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