2012 - Chen Stormstout


This is at the top of the difficulty list. Your hands WILL be tired when you are done! Make sure you have a HUGE pumpkin for this one, and carve it sideways or it will wrap around the pumpkin way too far. This pattern won an honorable mention from Blizzard in the 2013 WoW Pumpkin Carving Challenge

The lands of Azeroth shook when Deathwing arrived, but the Horde and Alliance still stood apart, as enemies. Then from nowhere, almost as if new land appeared magically and a new race was born, we meet Chen Stormstout and his Pandarian Monks.

With the release of the World of Warcraft expansion Mists of Pandaria, Katherine, my daughter, wanted a panda pattern. I grabbed a frame from the recently released intro video and made the Halloween pumpkin pattern you see below. I hope you enjoy it! All we can say is WOW! .

About Chen Stormstout:

Chen Stormstout, a jovial and independent Brewmaster of Pandaria, like many other Pandaren Brewmasters, left his hidden empire to journey the lands, searching for exotic ingredients for his ever-evolving concoctions.

Chen's journeys eventually brought him to the land of Durotar, and his latest brew had a plethora of strange ingredients that he feared would be too hard to acquire. He almost lost hope for his recipe when he was met by Rexxar the travelling Beastmaster. Chen asked Rexxar to retrieve the ingredients for his brew - a barrel of Thunderwater, the egg of a thunder phoenix, and a sprig of thunderbloom.

Chen was overjoyed when Rexxar returned with the ingredients, and then mixed his special brew and offered some to Rexxar, who nearly toppled over from the shock of the volatile beverage! Then Rexxar asked if Chen was trying to kill him, probably in the rhetorical sense but possibly not.

Chen surmised that he would have to further examine the recipe, having completed one phase of his journey, Chen decided to pause his brewing and join Rexxar's adventure, so that he might better appreciate this beautiful, rugged land he had found himself in.

Chen and company went on a secret mission to Theramore Island to help the horde find out why the humans were attacking them. They met with Jaina Proudmoore, who decided to help them out, after seeing what her father had done. Chen helped Rexxar to defend Thrall and Durotar from Kul Tiras incursions. When the Horde was prepared they launched an attack that ended with the death of Grand Admiral Proudmoore.

After the battle Chen spent some time in Durotar teaching the brewmaster ways to the mentor of Brewmaster Drohn before travelling on. No one knows where he left afterwards, but several of his empty kegs have been found scattered throughout the Barrens. Like the rest of his people, he has apparently maintained his independence, joining neither the Horde nor the Alliance.

Chen Stormstout

Actual Carvings

Sent in by Katherine R.
Out of Darkness Pumpkin Photo

Sent in by Katherine R.
Out of Darkness Pumpkin Photo
Yes, we turned a large pumpkin on its side!