2012 - Discord


Easier than it looks! It's no piece of cake, but you can do it! Medium difficulty but lots of folks have had success with this pattern.

A close family friend who just loves My Little Pony just kept mentioning how we didn’t have any MLP pumpkin patterns. Well, problem solved! Now it will be interesting to see if she carves it. We love to hear your ideas for new patterns, and as this pattern shows, if we get enough requests, it might just happen. What patters would you like to see? Tell us on our Facebook page and you never know!

About Discord from My Little Pony

Discord is the antagonist in My Little Pony featured in The Return of Harmony Part 1 and Part 2. In the episode, Princess Celestia explains that before their rule over Equestria, she and her sister had imprisoned him in stone using the Elements of Harmony, but now that the sisters are no longer connected to the elements, the spell has been broken. Discord breaks free of the spell and sends Twilight Sparkle and her friends in a quest after the missing Elements of Harmony. The ponies venture off to retrieve the Elements of Harmony in order to stop him.


Actual Carvings

Sent in by Sarah R.
Discord Pumpkin Photo

Sent in by Amanda T.

Sent in by Amanda T.