2006 - Dragon Head


My daughter said "Dad, I want a cool dragon this year" and I hope this fits the bill. This year my wife bought a nice big pumpkin and my daughter wanted to carve it herself, so I tried to make it cool and not too hard. Well, it's still a hard pattern to carve, but the big pumpkin will really help.

I also tried to keep in mind that we would be carving on Sunday and Halloween isn't till Tuesday, so it had to be a pattern that would last I couple of days (no tiny details that will quickly wilt). Only time will tell, but I hope this pattern fits all the requirements and creates a really killer pumpkin. Our house has gotten a bit of a reputation for our pumpkins, and I think this one will carry on the tradition very well.

In 2007 we re-used the 2006 pattern. This was the second time my daughter did the carving. It was magnificent. We have found a great source for large pumpkins and this really helps the patterns show their full detail while keeping the detail large enough to still carve. It looks like the days of me carving have come to an end. Now I design the patterns and she does the carving. Mom cleans the pumpkins out making every pumpkin a true family adventure... Woot! Go Mom!

Dragon Head

Actual Carvings

In 2010, Rob H. sent in this photo saying "Thanks for the pattern, we love it.".

Sent in by Jon S.
Dragon Head Lit