2013 - Flaming Skull - (Optionally Without Flames)


Harder than it looks because there are so many lines. You must use a large pumpkin or expect trouble. This one is worth the effort, it gets a ton of comments and visitors even far down the street will see the skull clearly. People remember seeing this pattern and talk about bragging rights.

For 2014, I modified this pattern based on my experience last year carving it and requests from others. I seperated the lowest flame from the skull, which means that now carvers can leave all the flames off and just have a wonderful skull pattern for smaller pumpkins. This change also made the pattern stronger, with more support. I hope you like the new version!

About Flaming Skull

Taken from a tattoo pattern, and modified to crate a pattern suitable for use as a pumpkin carving. We searched and while we found the original pattern from several sources, we were unable to determine the actual original artist. We hope you find this flaming skill pattern to be your choice to carve for your porch this Halloween.


Actual Carvings

Sent in by Mike R.
Flaming Skull Carved

Sent in by Mike R.
Flaming Skull Lit

Sent in by Mike R.