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Carving Instructions

     Carve the lightest shade FIRST    
     Carve the middle shade SECOND    
     Carve the darkest shade LAST    

The patterns range from pretty simple to highly complex, but they all share a common way to carve them. The lightest color on the pattern should be cut out first. You can cut out any of the lightest sections first, in any order, but do them all before advancing to a darker color to carve second, and the darkest color to carve last. Typically the order of carving has to do with keeping the pumpkin as strong as possible while you carve it. If you carve the sections out of order, you may make the pumpkin break as you carve other sections.

We have carved every single one of these beautiful Halloween pumpkin patterns. We know they all work great and look amazing sitting on our porch for Halloween. They require basic carving skills, a steady hand, and pumpkin carving tools such that can be found at

You can also save some money and make your own pumpkin saws. Check out the Video at YouTube.

How to Download

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