2012 - Noonbory


This is a pretty easy pattern, with a few harder parts. A good pattern, but not the best first pattern.

About Noonbory

Noonbory is a 11 year old and is the leader of the Superbory pack. He uses a helicopter device (wind bike) to fly across vast distances in addition to using a shield that can stop things in its track. Noonbory usually says "let's make super sense of this" before they sensitize, or sometimes after they sensitize. "Hurry Scurry" is another catch phrase of Noonbory. There's a little yellow Bory (Mamby) who is Noonbory's sidekick. Mamby can transform into anything, like a parachute or a mattress. Noonbory occasionally wears headgear in the shape of Mamby.


Actual Carvings

Sent in by Marc H
Out of Darkness Pumpkin Photo