2011 - Out Of Darkness


This is a fairly easy pattern. It still requires skill, but bang for the buck you can't beat this pattern. Be careful not to let the teeth touch and your golden. The somewhat random edges make it possible to goof a bit and still end up with a great looking pumpkin. This pattern is a bit forgiving and a great first pattern when stepping up from triangle eyes. Just be sure to use tools like those from Pumpkin Masters.

The dragon patterns get the most downloads and the strongest reactions from the kids, so I went to Google Images and typed "Dragon" and looked at a ton of images. There are so many choices, but every one was either going to be too difficult or be just another dragon.

Then I ran across one that was a direct, straight on face and while far too detailed for a pumpkin pattern, I had an idea. What if I just took the face, forget all the "dragon" parts and made something a bit different and unique? I focused on "Dragon", "Textured Face", "Scary Clown", "Creepy" and "Snake". From the original picture and a touch of my own design, I created "Out of Darkness". I hope you like it.


Actual Carvings

Sent in by Natta Trivimol
Out of Darkness Pumpkin Photo


Out of Darkeness Carved With Katherine

Sent in by James C.
Out of Darkness Pumpkin Photo